This months photo shoot for Salt Magazine took place in perhaps one of the coolest venues in Wilmington. I am fortunate to experience many wonderful spaces, but the loft that Donn Lashley shares with his children, Kade and Oonah, is really special. Originally owned by the late actor Dennis Hopper and part of the old Masonic Temple building, Lashley has taken an incredible loft space and restored it to fit his lifestyle and that of his children. From climbing walls, acrobatic silks and swings, to the motorcycle, bicycle and music instrument filled basement, it is truly a kid and adult kid friendly environment. I just wanted to hang around!  Donn has traveled the world on mountaineering endeavors and Kade has been fortunate to tag along on many other adventures. The home they share with Oonah is just an extension of this adventurous, relaxed, live in the moment outlook on life. At least thats my take on things. If you haven’t yet, grab a copy of Salt and read the article written by Bill Irvine, Salt’s Senior Editor. If you’d like to see this incredible space, you will have the opportunity to do so during the Back Door Kitchen Tour on October 14. Meanwhile, enjoy the following selects from the days photo shoot.















This past weekend I had the fortune of being in Charleston, SC and attended one day of SEWE, the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition. It is the first major event in Charleston and kicks off the season, as those in the know like to say. It was fun as I got to carry a camera as a pure tourist and just take in the event. I also had a little curiosity, as it was actually the first time I had shot with the Nikon D810 without a tripod and I was anxious to see how the camera responded. The D810 is amazing for architectural work and interiors and the detail it provides at 36mp is really amazing. This time, however, I was going to be capturing moving birds and dogs, handheld, with a 70-200 lens. The cameras autofocus was simply astounding and although its frame rate pales in comparison to a D3, D4, or the newer D5, it was adequate and produced some nice images.

We saw some amazing art work at the Expo as artists from all over the country exhibited wildlife themed art at venues all over the city. After viewing the art we headed over to Marion Square for the Birds of Prey flight demos. Now I have seen birds of prey on a perch, but have never viewed them in a controlled flight environment. It was pretty cool. They had many species of birds, with the most impressive being the red kite. It was fast and the handlers let this bird fly all over the square and over the crowd, so they had a lot of confidence in the bird. The exhibition was staged by The Center For Birds of Prey. There were other birds that they let fly loose, but the kite was, in my opinion, the coolest.

After the birds we went down to Brittlebank Park to watch the Dock Dog competition. There was a lot of camo being sported here. The competition is a pretty big deal and is sanctioned by Dock Dogs. Its an agility drill where dogs jump off a dock and try and catch a baton held over the water. The air these dogs attain is quite amazing and the determination of the dogs and their handlers is fun to watch. I thought there would be predominately Labs and though they stood out there was also German Shepherds, Rottweilers and other breeds. Below are images from the day. It was a beautiful, but cold day and the birds and dogs made it special.






This shot is the same image cropped.



This is the same image cropped.


The next two images are cropped from this image to show detail.



Shows the capability of the D810 files.









Not sure who is more determined, dog or handler!










My favorite shot of handler and dog. He looks like he’s ready to run past the dog!





So today it was back to Buddy’s for more shenanigans with the probably, soon to be famous, Happy 2 WB, dogs. Now today the dogs were itching for a serious card game and also wanted to get their “Pirate” on, since Buddy’s seemed like the right setting for that kind of activity.

Well Apollo looked as if he had seen his way around a few card tables, as he put on a card shuffle display before the serious betting began. In fact at one point when he laid down a flush on the bar, all the other players just threw their cards up in disgust. It was pretty intense. In the mean time Ned Leary and Will Page were filming furiously, trying to get all this recorded for the soon to be released Happy 2 WB video.

So as the card playing changed over into “pirates capture the bar”, word got out on Wrightsville Beach that some of the dogs would entertain the idea of selfies with a few beach girls. Well, before we knew it there was a line from inside Buddy’s and out the door of young women clamoring for a selfie with these exceptional dogs. It was just crazy! Anyway, make sure you keep an eye out for the release of  Happy 2 WB, which is coming soon. Check out the big ad in the next issue of Salt Magazine. Ned and Will are putting together something special.

I might add that no humans were injured or abused in the making of this segment of Happy 2 WB. Enjoy the following stills from todays session. It was fun and I had a blast recording it.



















I recently did some work for talented interior designer, Leslie Stachowicz, ASID,LEED AP.  She  helped the homeowners with their home in Kure Beach and her ideas and attention to even the smallest details is evident.  Leslie has been formerly associated with Big Sky Design, where she was Vice President and Interior Designer. She has since opened her own company, Peridot interiors LLC, and continues on with projects in the Wilmington, NC area and throughout the State. If you have a design project in mind, you may reach Leslie by email at Below are a few photos from the days shoot.


290SeawatchWay-2    290SeawatchWay-4-Edit


290SeawatchWay-12  290SeawatchWay-13




The Wilmington home I photographed for the October issue of Salt Magazine had a great look and architectural features, but what really made it special is the spirit, if you will, that lurks in the back guest room. Now some may not believe in such things, but I am not in that camp and neither is Ms. Keiser who resides and owns this grand old dame of a home. She tells of first hand experiences with the spirit who visits the house and moves about letting its presence be known in many peculiar instances. So you can imagine my excitement when Senior Editor Ashley Wahl told me of the added little twist that went with this month’s assignment.

The home is chock full of many interesting possessions and of course stories told over the years. It was really fun to shoot and I was constantly fascinated as I moved from room to room. Of course I started in the back guest room where the spirit has been known to visit. Supposedly it enters and leaves through the window to the left of the bed headboard. Now I spent some time in the room,but didn’t feel any chills or anything unusual, but I swear the eyes from the period doll at the foot of the bed kept following my every move. Really. If you haven’t picked up your issue of Salt, go out and get one. There are some great stories and photos. I have included some from my shoot and you can view the whole article by going here.