Yesterday afternoon on Wrightsville Beach it was very brisk, well cold actually, but beautiful. It was a great time for a winter walk. Kismet and I headed towards the North End. Now there is a leash law on WB and I am one who is always mindful of our local ordinances. However, the section of beach north of Mercers pier to Shell Island is flat, wide, and if there aren’t many people out on the beach, it is just calling to you and your dog to bring out the hidden scofflaw in you and let your dog run. Well we did and no animals were injured in the making of the short video which you can view here:  IMG_0929

Now all I had with me at the time was my IPhone 4s and I have to say that the camera and video functions on this device are nothing short of amazing. There is a little quality loss in the video during conversion to a smaller file size, but its usable for the blog.It really does the job in a pinch and the quality of the 8MP files are sweet. Straight out of the camera produces acceptable results and you can play around with them in PS if you so desire to tweak them beyond their original status. I can see the argument of the new IPhones replacing the small point and shoots for many people. The video it produces is pretty sweet as well. Anyway, Kismet and I had a great time on our walk, which we usually do, but anytime she has the chance to covertly run off leash, its always special.