Apr 072011

I recently had the opportunity to meet and photograph Kymberlei DiNapoli, for an article written by Allison Ballard, for Wilma Magazine. Kymberlei is the owner of Taste The Olive, a wonderful boutique shop offering fresh cold pressed olive oils and balsamic vinegars. Kymberlei was one of three entrepreneurial women featured in Allison’s “Tasty Business” article written for the April issue of Wilma. For Taste The Olive, tasty is definitely a key word.

I know this from first hand experience, because after the shoot, Kymberlei gave me a taste tour of the store. This turned out to be one of the perks of doing the shoot before the store opened for regular business hours. When you walk into the store you are greeted by a centerpiece of silver containers containing various types of olive oils and vinegars. They are very sleek and unique. She handed me a small paper cup, which she noted was biodegradable, and proceeded to take me down the line of containers, stopping at each one for a taste and description of its contents. It was really amazing. Now I have experienced wine tastings, and to be honest, had a little trepidation about drinking straight oil or vinegar, but this was really special. The different tastes make you envision how each oil or vinegar can be applied to numerous food scenarios. And if you can’t use your imagination, then Kymberlei will certainly educate you to all the possibilities.

To learn more about Taste The Olive, read Allison Ballard’s article in Wilma, located at stands throughout Wilmington. Most importantly, go and visit Kymberlei at Taste The Olive, located at 1121-G Military Cutoff Rd., in the Forum Shops. It will be worth your time.