I had a chance to take a break from my Interiors work for a portrait session with a wonderful little girl named Savannah. All the residents on our street have watched Savannah grow up and she now has reached the age of, and I quote: “4 1/2, almost 5”. She has quite the personality and although I know different, seems very seasoned in front of a camera. Savannah makes friends with everyone she meets. Needless to say, the afternoon was really fun and here are a few images from the session with this “almost 5” year old young lady.

Savannah-5-Edit Savannah-55-Edit Savannah-108-Edit-Edit Savannah-114-Edit-Edit Savannah-190-Edit Savannah-247-Edit



I had the most enjoyable session in the park last week end with Barry and Chrissy and their two wonderful children, Ellie and Noah. I was excited to do this session as I have photographed Ellie since she was two and haven’t had the chance to spend much time with Noah. Plus it was the first chance I had to have them all together in front of the lens. It was Granddad’s idea, and a good one at that! It was so much fun. The weather was beautiful, the setting in Hugh McCrae Park was perfect and the kids were full of energy. I had a blast and here are just a few of the images from the afternoon. Thank You Barry, Chrissy, Ellie and Noah. You made my job easy!


I had a portrait session recently with Alyx on Wrightsville Beach. Alyx and her parents spend the summers on Wrightsville Beach and she is a student at Cape Fear Academy. We initially had an idea for a shoot on the beach, but as luck would have it the wind was blowing 20-25 mph, so we had to go to plan B. Of course, plan B was developed as I was heading out the door and Alyx and her Mom were heading to meet me. We decided on going over to the Surf Club, where they are members. It gave us some protection from the wind and a nice venue to compose some shots. The following are all in black and white. Alyx’s Mom had asked for some B and W photos and I rarely get a request where the main selection will be in black and white. I really miss the days of shooting in Tri-X film and black and white. I don’t miss the long hours in a dark room and the chemicals involved, but the clean look and sometimes stark beauty of a black and white photograph are still my favorite. As you can see, Alyx was great and we made the best of somewhat tedious conditions.


I am fortunate to be able to photograph many different subjects. Their variety is always welcome, but some more so than others. One of my favorites is the family session and all its dynamics. You have a group of people, all related, but so different in personalities. A family session is sometimes difficult, because you have to get into the flow of these personalities in a very short period of time. It usually works in your favor, and sometimes, not. For those times when the children are having a tough day and this carries over to the mood of the parents and relatives, you just make the best of it and persevere. Sometimes the children are wonderful and its the grown ups who are having issues and this really becomes a challenge. But thats part of the job and thankfully most sessions are really fun and rewarding, both for me and the subjects.

I recently spent time with a beautiful family and the main focus of the group were their lovely twin girls. The twins were not identical, but as close as two siblings could be. They adored one another and as young as they were, they were real troopers during the session. Their attention span lasted beyond expectations and I came away from the shoot with a smile, for these girls worked the camera! They were delightful and the interaction between children and adults could not have been better. I’ve posted a few favorites from this session and will put this on my list of fun shoots. It was a real family time on Wrightsville Beach.


I recently had the extreme pleasure to enjoy the company of my niece and her daughter, Ella. Ella is a wonderful, happy 1 year old who is always laughing and talking.It is refreshing to hear the sounds that children of that age produce and how they create smiles on the faces of us adults. While they were visiting I had planned to do a portrait session with Ella and  some of this was going to take place on the beach. We found out though, that Ella isn’t really crazy about sand on her feet, so the outcome was going to be a challenge. We started inside and by the time we got to the beach, luckily she was in a grand mood. Just to be safe, we placed her on a blanket and she nailed the session. Then it was back to the house and we just hung out on the porch, relaxed and ended the day. Now I have evidence of bias towards Ella, but that said, this child was a treat to photograph. Of course, at that age, most of the children are really fun and they are so expressive. The innocence is captivating. It was a fun time and here are a few images from my afternoon with Ella.