When I was told that the home for my  April photo shoot assignment for SALT magazine was different than most, I had no idea what to expect. I had the opportunity to read the accompanying article by Joel Finsel, so I knew it was going to be a very unique home on the river. Well, unique is understating the magical quality of the home of Allen Walker, known far and wide to many, as Walker World. It sits on the Northeast Cape Fear River, far off the beaten path. Allen has built the home and surrounding structures from salvaged materials and objects. There is no method to his building plan, other than a whimsical imagination of how to use whatever material he has on hand, and making it special for his children. If you haven’t read the article, by all means you should pick up a copy of SALT or visit the web page. You may also read it online on ISSUU.

As far as the photo shoot, I had a blast. Allen and I had a constant banter going about many subjects, accompanied by the music of Neil Young playing in the background. With all the artwork and other objets d’art throughout the house, Allen’s personality, and the terrific energy emanating from his home, it couldn’t have been more perfect.

The neat thing is that you can rent Allen’s home for parties, photo shoots, weddings etc. A colleague of mine voiced that he would keep it in mind as a location for a possible music video. It is all it is billed as, which is an organic artists retreat. You may view information by going online at Walker World. If staying at a very rustic and unique venue is your thing then check out availability for rental. Its featured on AirBNB. Last, but not least, if you are in the Wilmington area, and are lucky enough to be a friend of Allen’s, you may get an invite to one of the get togethers on the river that happen occasionally. I hear they are legendary. As you look at the following pics of Walker World, imagine strolling through this wonderful place and enjoy the visit. I know I did.