For the June issue of Salt Magazine, I once again had an opportunity to spend time in a very cool house. The home of Lynne Herndon is crisp, efficient and modern. The moment you enter the door you feel comfortable. It started out as a simple ranch type design, until Lynne’s architect, Michael Kersting,  decided it needed to be cut in half and a continuous skylight installed connecting walls and ceiling. He had discovered that the house was situated so that twice a year the house was in perfect alignment with the sun. In other words, on the spring and vernal equinoxes the sun rises and sets along said skylight. Kudos to Michael for discovering and incorporating this feature into the home. He called it the Equinox House.

If you haven’t already picked up a copy of Salt or read the magazine online, you should. Senior Editor Ashley Wahl really gets into the whole history of the home and tells the story as only she can. It is quite fascinating. There are also other great articles as well. Its amazing how much is going on in a town the size of Wilmington and Salt really has its finger on the pulse of the Port City. Really.