This months Story Of A House article in Salt Magazine¬†featured a really special and unique home. I have had the chance to see and tour many styles of homes, but never had I been inside a geodesic dome dwelling. Until now. When Senior Editor Ashley Wahl informed me that the photo shoot would be of a domed structure I became intrigued and excited. Most of the domed structures I had read about were usually set somewhere in the woods, mountains or even a meadow. You know the setting. Isolated, primitive, even completely off the grid. So when Ashley told me we were photographing one that was located on the ICWW, well, I was more than ready to see what what is store for me. Needless to say, it was a very cool structure. Different, not for everyone, but well suited to the occupants, the Smiths. A cool couple, a cool house. Pick up an issue to read Ashley’s article on the home and its occupants and you’ll see what I mean. In the mean time here are a few pics from Under The Dome.