I recently did some work for talented interior designer, Leslie Stachowicz, ASID,LEED AP.  She  helped the homeowners with their home in Kure Beach and her ideas and attention to even the smallest details is evident.  Leslie has been formerly associated with Big Sky Design, where she was Vice President and Interior Designer. She has since opened her own company, Peridot interiors LLC, and continues on with projects in the Wilmington, NC area and throughout the State. If you have a design project in mind, you may reach Leslie by email at leslie@peridotinteriors.com. Below are a few photos from the days shoot.


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The home I photographed for this months issue of SALT magazine is a 1939 brick Colonial Revival, located on Fifteenth Street near Oakdale Cemetery. It has transformed throughout its existence, as each family has put their own personal stamp on the home to fit their needs. The present owners are a young couple with two young children, ages 6 and 10. As you enter the house you immediately feel that this is a family home. It has that family energy in every room. One feels comfortable here, as I did when I was photographing its rooms. Pick up a copy of SALT and read about the homes history and its many transformations and enjoy viewing the following photos. Maybe you too will feel that family energy.

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