I had a chance to take a break from my Interiors work for a portrait session with a wonderful little girl named Savannah. All the residents on our street have watched Savannah grow up and she now has reached the age of, and I quote: “4 1/2, almost 5”. She has quite the personality and although I know different, seems very seasoned in front of a camera. Savannah makes friends with everyone she meets. Needless to say, the afternoon was really fun and here are a few images from the session with this “almost 5” year old young lady.

Savannah-5-Edit Savannah-55-Edit Savannah-108-Edit-Edit Savannah-114-Edit-Edit Savannah-190-Edit Savannah-247-Edit



For the November issue of Salt Magazine I was fortunate enough to photograph the Lewis home, nestled on a beautiful piece of land in the Forest Hills neighborhood of Wilmington. I was treated very graciously by Meredith Lewis and her really cool children: Pearce, Will and Sanders. It was a fun shoot, with many interesting features of the home to illustrate. I even got to taste some of the delicious muffins which Pearce had recently baked. A definite perk of the job! If you live in the Wilmington area and haven’t yet picked up your copy of Salt Magazine, then by all means, make it part of your to do list. You will get to know more about this beautiful home and its inhabitants, through the wonderful story by author Anne Clinard Barnhill. You will also be entertained by the other wonderful stories and features by the talented contributors of the magazine. The photos below are but a few from the afternoon’s session. Enjoy.