The Wilmington home I photographed for the October issue of Salt Magazine had a great look and architectural features, but what really made it special is the spirit, if you will, that lurks in the back guest room. Now some may not believe in such things, but I am not in that camp and neither is Ms. Keiser who resides and owns this grand old dame of a home. She tells of first hand experiences with the spirit who visits the house and moves about letting its presence be known in many peculiar instances. So you can imagine my excitement when Senior Editor Ashley Wahl told me of the added little twist that went with this month’s assignment.

The home is chock full of many interesting possessions and of course stories told over the years. It was really fun to shoot and I was constantly fascinated as I moved from room to room. Of course I started in the back guest room where the spirit has been known to visit. Supposedly it enters and leaves through the window to the left of the bed headboard. Now I spent some time in the room,but didn’t feel any chills or anything unusual, but I swear the eyes from the period doll at the foot of the bed kept following my every move. Really. If you haven’t picked up your issue of Salt, go out and get one. There are some great stories and photos. I have included some from my shoot and you can view the whole article by going here.