If you were lucky to be close to Wrightsville Beach last night you got to watch one of the more incredible light shows nature could have bestowed on us. As the storm was rolling in I was on my porch trying to decide if I wanted to risk going out on the beach in a lightning storm. Not the most practical place to be during a storm, but it was just building, so I grabbed camera, tripod and brother -in- law as acting assistant and ran out to the beach. It was a magnificent display. Sandy and I were out there about twenty minutes as the storm gradually moved in our direction. I managed to get off a few shots and the ones below were the best of the lot. Soon we noticed that the lightning was all around us, and concerned with our self preservation and standing next to a metal tripod, we turned yellow and headed back to the house. It was a good move as the lightning and the storm in general became very intense.

So, no one was injured in the capturing of the photos, and it was worth the effort in the end. It was truly one of the best light shows I can remember on the beach. Enjoy.