The sun has barely broken the horizon. The mockingbirds have been singing their morning tune for about a half hour. Wrightsville Beach is starting to stir. For those who wake with her its really a magical time.

The surf is quiet this morning. The usual line of surfers is thin save for those few hoping things will change. A few walkers and joggers break the stillness on the beach. Moving onto Lumina the traffic is almost nonexistant, just those early risers making their way to work or perhaps a form of play. Who knows? A waitress rides her bike for the early morning shift at Neptune’s. It starts soon. Admiration is always in order for those who must start their day so early. They catch a small taste of this special time of day before they have to face their chore.

The bikers are already working a pace line as their efforts create a small breeze in passing. The Loop is starting to come alive with the early morning regulars: John, HD, Jerome, Colin and his dog, Nancy and her dog. There is the girl with the pretty smile from Harbor Island. Thats all I know of her, but its enough. We say good morning to each other almost every day. That’s the way it is here. Friendly.

The air is “cut with a knife heavy”  as that humidity that we embrace and sometimes loathe starts to take its hold on the Island. Its Summer and as long as the sun is in the sky, its as cool as it will get on the Loop. But thats ok, its what we expect this time of year. The sun climbs slowly and the Island starts to yawn.

On a lucky day its possible to catch a dolphin or two frolicking in Banks Channel. Today its distance swimmers, Stand Up Paddle Boarders and the occasional fish breaking the surface. It brings a smile to your face. Still quiet. Soon the solitude will be broken by the sound of car and boat traffic as the Island and the beach come alive. Awakening.

In North Carolina they call Chapel Hill, the “Southern Part of Heaven”. I’m really not so sure about that claim, but this place would have to run a damn close second. If you are one of those who are out and about on WB early on a Summer morning, you know of what I speak. It just has that indescribable feeling. An energy of its own. Check it out for yourself. You’ll see.