I had a portrait session recently with Alyx on Wrightsville Beach. Alyx and her parents spend the summers on Wrightsville Beach and she is a student at Cape Fear Academy. We initially had an idea for a shoot on the beach, but as luck would have it the wind was blowing 20-25 mph, so we had to go to plan B. Of course, plan B was developed as I was heading out the door and Alyx and her Mom were heading to meet me. We decided on going over to the Surf Club, where they are members. It gave us some protection from the wind and a nice venue to compose some shots. The following are all in black and white. Alyx’s Mom had asked for some B and W photos and I rarely get a request where the main selection will be in black and white. I really miss the days of shooting in Tri-X film and black and white. I don’t miss the long hours in a dark room and the chemicals involved, but the clean look and sometimes stark beauty of a black and white photograph are still my favorite. As you can see, Alyx was great and we made the best of somewhat tedious conditions.