I am fortunate to be able to photograph many different subjects. Their variety is always welcome, but some more so than others. One of my favorites is the family session and all its dynamics. You have a group of people, all related, but so different in personalities. A family session is sometimes difficult, because you have to get into the flow of these personalities in a very short period of time. It usually works in your favor, and sometimes, not. For those times when the children are having a tough day and this carries over to the mood of the parents and relatives, you just make the best of it and persevere. Sometimes the children are wonderful and its the grown ups who are having issues and this really becomes a challenge. But thats part of the job and thankfully most sessions are really fun and rewarding, both for me and the subjects.

I recently spent time with a beautiful family and the main focus of the group were their lovely twin girls. The twins were not identical, but as close as two siblings could be. They adored one another and as young as they were, they were real troopers during the session. Their attention span lasted beyond expectations and I came away from the shoot with a smile, for these girls worked the camera! They were delightful and the interaction between children and adults could not have been better. I’ve posted a few favorites from this session and will put this on my list of fun shoots. It was a real family time on Wrightsville Beach.