I just finished another photo session with MeHegan. The shoots with her have been really fun, because for someone who is not a professional, she works very hard and has become very relaxed in front of the camera. Its a hard thing to ask someone to relax during a photo shoot when its in a public setting with bystanders watching you, but she handled all that quite well. We initially started out going to the South End of Wrightsville Beach. Its a popular area for beach shoots and although there may be other photogs present, you can usually find an area suitable and a little more private than other areas of the beach. Well when we got there it was unusually busy and there was no parking. Perhaps the surf was good over on Masonboro Island, a wedding was taking place, but for whatever the reason, we were out of luck and I had to resort to plan B. That consisted of deciding where to go before we completely lost the light. I had hoped to have a little quieter area for MeHegan to ease into the shoot, but that was not going to happen, so we headed to the North End, near Shell Island. Once there we decided to not walk the trek around the tip of the Island and just set up on our own little piece of beach. We and everyone else. MeHegan was a real trooper. Even when I asked her to get down in the wet sand for some shots, this after preparing hair, makeup etc., she was enthusiastic. It was a good shoot and here are a few of the keepers from the afternoon.


I recently photographed this 3BR/2 Bth home for Just Perfect Home Staging + More. It is a wonderful home with terrific views, pool and marsh access, located in Lockwood Folly SD in Supply, NC., Brunswick County. If you are reading this piece and are in the market for a peaceful setting you can obtain more infromation by calling Tom Hayes at 910-538-2842.

If you are a Realtor, Builder or any type of real estate professional who is working in the Wilmington area markets and you haven’t been introduced to Jessica Pirone and her staff at Just Perfect Home Staging + More, then I suggest you take the time and see what these talented folks can do for your listings. They can take an occupied or vacant home and make it sing to buyers. Its a talent few have and they really know how to work it to your marketing advantage. Go to their site and see for yourself and make an appointment to have them come out and show you their marketing magic. You can also “Like” them on Facebook to keep up with whats happening by going to their FB page. In the mean time check out this home:


I am fortunate to be able to photograph many different subjects. Their variety is always welcome, but some more so than others. One of my favorites is the family session and all its dynamics. You have a group of people, all related, but so different in personalities. A family session is sometimes difficult, because you have to get into the flow of these personalities in a very short period of time. It usually works in your favor, and sometimes, not. For those times when the children are having a tough day and this carries over to the mood of the parents and relatives, you just make the best of it and persevere. Sometimes the children are wonderful and its the grown ups who are having issues and this really becomes a challenge. But thats part of the job and thankfully most sessions are really fun and rewarding, both for me and the subjects.

I recently spent time with a beautiful family and the main focus of the group were their lovely twin girls. The twins were not identical, but as close as two siblings could be. They adored one another and as young as they were, they were real troopers during the session. Their attention span lasted beyond expectations and I came away from the shoot with a smile, for these girls worked the camera! They were delightful and the interaction between children and adults could not have been better. I’ve posted a few favorites from this session and will put this on my list of fun shoots. It was a real family time on Wrightsville Beach.

Jul 152011

I just recently had the pleasure of shooting Katie and Shane’s wedding in Chapel Hill. They met in Europe and were originally married there, but just with his folks and hers in attendance. Shane is from Ireland and Katie is from Chapel Hill, so they decided to come back to the Hill and have a wedding ceremony and reception for all of their Stateside friends and family. It was a wonderful and fun event and I was glad to be a part of their wedding. It was a nice kick off  to the Fourth of July week end. Here are a few shots from the day.