May 272011

It is the Friday before what for many of us is a long three day week-end. Some are girding their loins for a long car trip in heavy traffic. Others are waiting in airport lines, train stations and bus terminals, anticipating the arrival at their destinations. If you live in a resort area, as I do, you are anticipating the arrival of a portion of those folks making their way to their much awaited 3 days of leisure.  It use to be that Memorial Day was observed on May 30 every year, but at some point the powers to be declared that it should be moved to the last Monday in May, so that we could all enjoy a long week end. In a way, over the years, the long week end away from work, the parties and barbecues, have watered down its meaning and sometimes, even its observance.

There are many who are not getting in cars, planes or trains to go frolic at a beach, a resort or even to just be with families. They are serving our country in some foreign area of the world or are here, getting ready to go wherever they are called. Some are spending their time helping those who have been ravaged by the recent tornadoes and floods that have plagued our country. They are serving. I think we often forget about those who sacrifice so we can do the things that we take for granted. I admit I have been at fault. And then there are those million plus who have given their ultimate sacrifice in the name of this country we call our own. We may argue amongst ourselves about which political party is right or wrong or our civil liberties and so forth, but lets remember those who preserve our right to do so. The people involved in our military forces. If you see one who is lucky enough to be taking advantage of the next three days like the majority of us, go up to he or she and say thanks. A simple gesture of peace and gratitude. They really do deserve it in these most trying of times. I guarantee it will be welcomed.

I hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable week end. And when we are out there remember those or that personal someone you know who will not have that opportunity to sit on a beach, enjoy a park or a barbecue in a back yard with loved ones. And then take a silent minute and honor those many who have died in service.  Try and remember why we call it Memorial Day.