I recently had the extreme pleasure to enjoy the company of my niece and her daughter, Ella. Ella is a wonderful, happy 1 year old who is always laughing and talking.It is refreshing to hear the sounds that children of that age produce and how they create smiles on the faces of us adults. While they were visiting I had planned to do a portrait session with Ella and ¬†some of this was going to take place on the beach. We found out though, that Ella isn’t really crazy about sand on her feet, so the outcome was going to be a challenge. We started inside and by the time we got to the beach, luckily she was in a grand mood. Just to be safe, we placed her on a blanket and she nailed the session. Then it was back to the house and we just hung out on the porch, relaxed and ended the day. Now I have evidence of bias towards Ella, but that said, this child was a treat to photograph. Of course, at that age, most of the children are really fun and they are so expressive. The innocence is captivating. It was a fun time and here are a few images from my afternoon with Ella.