Yesterday afternoon was producing some really nice cloud formations over the North End of Wrightsville Beach. I felt motivated to take some time for myself, so I grabbed some gear, and headed to the North End. As I walked past the Shell Island Resort I got to thinking about the mailbox that is erected on that part of the Island. Its kind of mysterious, known to some, heard of by many, and part of the local lore. It contains notebooks and pen and beckons the visitor to “Leave A Note”. Many have. Some have lamented over personal issues, loss of loved ones, new love, current love, how special this place is and so on and so forth. Its a place of self therapy, as you can say whatever is on your mind, to no one in particular, and feel better for expressing yourself. We have all been there. Here you can write down your most personal thoughts, anonymously, and know that at some time, someone will read them. I don’t know what becomes of the notebooks that are filled and replaced. I guess that is another story. It has become an almost shrine like space, as people who have visited have added shells and other beach detritus. It has a special feeling.

So, next time you want to take a walk on the beach, start at Shell Island and head North and directly across from Figure Eight Island, look for a small mailbox, stop, reflect, and leave a note. You’ll feel better for it.