I recently had the opportunity to spend time and photograph humorist Ann Ipock for Wilma Magazine. It was for the February issue of Wilma and it can be picked up at numerous stands throughout the Wilmington, NC area. If you haven’t already secured your copy, you should do so as it features some interesting people and articles.

Ann was a pleasure to visit with and after the first 15 minutes you immediately see why she is labeled a humorist. The lady has some wit and many of her stories are from actual life experiences. It was a very relaxed shoot and she kept me entertained with her stories and details about her work. Ann has authored three books to date, in what is called the “Life is Short’ series. They are “Life Is Short, I Wish I Was Taller”, “Life Is Short, So Read This Fast”, and “Life Is Short, But It’s Wide”.

Ann also writes columns for publications in the Carolinas, one being the Georgetown Times and also the Columbia County Magazine. So if you want a chuckle and appreciate Southern humor, pick up Ann’s books, read one of her columns, or attend one of the many talks she gives in the area. You won’t be disappointed.