I had the opportunity to shoot Jim and Amy’s small wedding on December 30 at Shell Island Resort. If you remember we had some really miserable weather around that time with cold, cold days accompanied with biting winds. Well as wedding days so often manage to skirt their way around bad weather, this one was no exception. Now it wasn’t balmy by any stretch of the imagination, but it was the warmest day of the week, actually pushing the 50 degree mark. There was some cloud cover, but that always makes for some interesting photo ops.

Jim and Amy were really fun to be around and an adventurous couple to boot. They are both bicycle racers  and hearty, so after the indoor ceremony we grabbed a few shots on bikes and of course, being from the Western part of the State, they were going to go out on the beach, no matter what the temps. We had a blast and tried to keep moving as quickly as possible. Amy, in her off the shoulder dress, showed her outdoor tenacity. I want to thank them for letting me record their special day. Yeah it was cold, but Jim and Amy managed to warm up the North End of Wrightsville Beach in proper fashion.