Nov 292010

I just returned from a great Thanksgiving break visiting with my family members in Manassas,Virginia. We managed to eat, drink and make merry with gusto and to give thanks for everything that has been bestowed on us. We even survived Black Friday with minimal damage and in all the festivities, no one was injured, so all in all it was a successful week end. One of the plans we had was to drive into DC and take in a museum or even the zoo. That Saturday we decided that driving into the city was not as enticing, what with the traffic and the just arrived colder weather. We decided to do something closer to home and after some thoughtful input from everyone we decided to visit the National Museum of the Marine Corps.

It is located at Quantico, just off I-95, about 36 miles South of Washington, DC on Route 1. It opened 4 years ago in November, celebrating over 200 years of Marine Corps history. It is an impressive building.  To be truthful it is not a place that was high on my list of must sees, but with Camp Lejeune so close to where I reside, I was intrigued. The museum told me everything about the Marines, from their first day off the bus as new recruits to the many conflicts in which they were involved. And there certainly were many.

For me, as I walked through each gallery depicting the conflicts and wars, I was moved that so many gave such commitment and sacrifice, without question and with honor, in the most horrible of situations. And this was just one branch of the military. I thought of the special time I was having with my family and how many of the soldiers depicted in these stories were not, did not, and never will, because they answered a call to duty. It was sobering. I think we all need to be thankful for those who serve, not just the Marines, but all our military men and women. They do so that we may do. I think many of us take so much for granted.

The museum is well done and the portrayals and archive footage in the galleries are exceptional. If you are in the area, it is worth a day trip and its free. I have included some photos from the day. Enjoy, and give thanks and remember those who serve.


When I walked into Carolyn’s studio it just seemed to fit the artist, light, airy and calm. She shares her personal studio space with the Young Artist Series where she conducts and teaches art to children. She has a passion for teaching both young and old how to develop their fine art skills. She has been doing it for over 14 years and has a firm belief that appreciation of the arts is a positive addition to a persons life.

Carolyn’s pieces are typically large with applications of acrylics, found objects and mixed media. She holds a BFA and MA from East Carolina University and has also attended the Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota and Southern Illinois University. She has also completed Special Art Studies at the University of Georgia in Athens, the National Palace Museum in Taipei, Taiwan and Le Cerquex-sous-Passavant in France. She has also studied with Masters Koji Ogura of Japan and Ginpoh Gin in Taiwan.

She has exhibited at  at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Georgetown, DC, the Joanne Rose Gallery, Reston, Va., the Touchstone Gallery, Washington, DC and the Target Gallery in Alexandria, Va. She was commissioned by the District of Columbia Commission on the Arts to produce a free standing, painted sculpture for public space within the city, which was later auctioned to the public.

Carolyn is also interested in giving back to the community. She is offering a Young Artists Series full scholarship for a deserving child in the Wilmington community with special art interests. Details can be found along with examples of her work at her web site  Carolyn Faulkner Art. Stop by her site and get to know this wonderful woman and talented artist.