Sep 302010

So, 4 days ago we were still hoping for some rain to hit our area to give us some relief from the drought like conditions that have been affecting the SE North Carolina coastal areas and beyond. Well, now its been raining continuously for 3 days, is currently raining sideways on Wrightsville Beach and the Wilmington area has had over 12 inches of rain and more is forecast throughout the day. Oh and by the way, Jim Cantore of ¬†Weather Channel fame has set up camp in Wilmington and as a local tweeted yesterday “if he’s coming, the poo is about to hit the fan”.

So its going to be a rather tedious day in the Port City area. Many schools are closed or delayed so Moms are going to have to butch up and deal with children being cooped up in the house. The wind conditions are going to add concern to the trees remaining stable in a saturated ground and our city streets and the many low lying terrains of this area are going to experience some flooding. The good news is that its still not as bad as an actual direct hurricane hit and for many who have lived here awhile, its just a minor inconvenience. The flooding is a major concern and I hope that those affected will be ok and their homes safe. To those we can send our kind thoughts.

The forecast for the week end looks good. I have a wedding to shoot in Myrtle Beach and I’m sure there are many brides fretting about conditions, so at least in this area, things should move along as planned. Probably not so for those in the Virginia areas and North as this front moves that way. Timing is everything. We wanted rain. We got it. Once again, Mother Nature looks at us and winks.