I recently had the opportunity to tour the soon to be opened Wilmington Convention Center. It is scheduled for a late Fall opening and the activity at the site and the visible phases of construction seem to indicate that they are gaining on that goal.

It really is a magnificent structure and its future as a venue for shows, banquets, meetings, weddings and other events will bode well for Wilmington. It will add great support to the growing commercial and residential ventures on Wilmington’s historic river front area, and should create job opportunities.Props to the developers and designers of the building for also having a commitment to sustainable environment. Their web site states that Environmental Green Efficiency is built into the Center and that is a commendable feature. Jenni Harris, Sales and Service Manager, and  our guide, explained that there is 12000 +/- square feet of space in the Grand Ballroom, divisible into 6 units and 30,000+/- square feet of space in the Main Exhibit Hall. In addition there are smaller meeting rooms and a state of the art kitchen facility. Seeing the kitchen was a neat feature of the tour, as the public rarely gets to see that side of operations at most facilities. I also saw a great deal of wall space which hopefully will feature the works of some of Wilmington’s talented artists.

Its exciting to see this building finally happening and I’m glad I took the time to visit  before it opens. Of course, I took a camera and recorded a few pics to document the tour. If you get the chance, go and visit the site to get a feel of what should be exciting things to come for the Port City.

Our Guide, Jenni Harris.

Grand Ballroom

Cool Ceiling Lighting

Main Exhibit Hall

Explanation of Kitchen Facility


I recently had the opportunity to spend time on North Topsail for a family session with a beautiful family vacationing in this wonderful environment that some of us are fortunate to call home. The  weather threatened us with storms, but finally cooperated and produced a beautiful afternoon. We had a lot of fun and the two boys were just a pleasure to frolic with on the beach.