When you enter the home of talented artist Nancy Noel May, from the living room to the garage, there is no doubt that you have entered the world of an artist and art lover. The walls are festooned with  works of art that she has created, as well as pieces by artists that she admires. There is even a small painting hung at eye level for her dog, so he too may enjoy gazing at a nice piece as he dines. Then there is, of course, Bebe, which has become something of a trademark for Nancy. Bebe is a Smart car which is “wrapped” with an image of a painting Nancy did from the upper porch of the Seaside Club in Wrightsville Beach. It is a “smart” way to market herself and drive people to her website: www.artsmartcar.com. It  makes you smile and its a clever way of branding for Nancy. It is truly an unmistakeable vehicle.

Nancy grew up in the Chesapeake Bay area and much of the vibrant colors and scenery from coastal areas are evident in her art. She has worked in oil and acrylic and now concentrates mainly in acrylics. Her love of travel is reflected in the variety of places depicted in her paintings. Her bright, light filled studio is filled with many of these paintings being readied for display, as well as sketches of what are sure to be new pieces.

Nancy is affiliated with several galleries. Here in Wilmington she is represented by and also manages Spectrum Art and Jewelry, located at 1125 Military Cutoff Rd. Stop by and say hello to Nancy, view her wonderful art, and don’t forget to check out Bebe in the parking lot.

  One Response to “Nancy Noel May-Wilmington Artists in Their Studios”

  1. I loved the photos of you at work with your paintings. We miss seeing you at Book club. I hope to get out to Spectrum sometime soon ! Connie