I think the best part of this project has been the interaction with some really neat individuals. I can use neat here as an adjective. Bloggers artistic license. Chip Hemingway was no exception.

When I arrived at his studio I was immediately welcomed by Chip, his wife Kimi, their two children, and the dog. First impression felt like I had been coming here for a long time instead of my first visit. Thats the way it is with Chip. He is a talented man, being an accomplished artist and architect. In his other life, Chip is a principle with Bowman, Murray, Hemingway Architects in Wilmington. You can tell, however, that painting is his real passion.

He designed and built his studio, his second, and from the way he talks, not his last. It has wonderful North light and its filled with paintings, guitars, kids toys and comfortable furniture. He would probably hang his surf boards there as well, but they have their own home in a building out back. The art work is mostly oils, water colors and some figure drawings. He told me that he started drawing figures on napkins of people in his favorite local haunts and that led, in time, to his current collection. When I was there he was working on a scene in oil which appeared to be from Nantucket, where he spends time in the summer, teaching and painting, mostly en Plein-Air. The other was of the pianist in the Carlyle Hotel in New York. He is fun to watch as he is a very active painter who moves constantly while he paints.

Chip is represented locally at New Elements Gallery in Wilmington, Woods Gallery on Bald Head Island and the City Art Gallery in Greenville. He has many works of local interest, people, and other locales he has visited and these can be viewed at his web site Hemingway Art Studio.

As the weather becomes warmer you may find Chip and his easel set up at various locations around Wilmington or the beaches. If you happen to be visiting Nantucket over the summer you may run into him there as well. He loves to paint en Plein-Air.  If you do, stop and say hello. Don’t be surprised if he pulls out a napkin and does a quick sketch while you are there.

When I asked Chip for a bio after our session this is what he said: “A Journey Into Nature, Through Art”. Thats it. Simple. Perfect.