I just recently returned from a weeks stay in Corolla, NC, vacationing with family. We are a group of cousins that try to get together in what has become a yearly tradition. This time we decided to extend the stay beyond the usual long week end to a full week of vacation time. We decided on the Outer Banks area, as it is relatively equidistant for all travelers. It had been a long time since I visited this area of North Carolina and I was anxious to get back. After spending time there I decided that unless you are actually venturing down the Cape to the areas below Nags Head, then the Corolla area is a perfect getaway.

Aside from the activities of eating, drinking, eating some more and drinking yet again; exercising enough so that we could start over with the afore mentioned activities without feeling too guilty, there was the day that we rented Jeeps to tour the dunes and beach areas to view the famous Corolla wild horses and other wildlife. You can actually drive from Corolla to the Virginia line via the beach. We managed to see quite a few of the horses and one other interesting fellow. A seal! As it happened, the second day we were there we were walking on the beach and could see this form off in the distance. As we came upon it we discovered it was a seal. Now I have seen them in Nantucket on this coast and in California, but never have I viewed one in the wild in North Carolina. Heard about the occasional sighting, but never lucky enough to actually see one. Well on this walk I had just my IPhone and managed to snap a pic. Imagine the surprise when we were driving the beach and came upon a crowd viewing what we thought were horses and found that it was yet another seal! Now all seals seem to look alike and this guy may have been the same one we came upon two days before, but he was certainly the center of attraction this day. I read later that seals often will haul out of the water to sun, rest and hang out before continuing on their journey. He was solo, so it could have been the same one and I am not sure about how they travel, mating habits and if being alone was unusual. He seemed happy and that was important. It was very cool and on this day I had my gear.

Now for the mentioned weirdness. In looking for the horses we were tipped off about a grove off the beach where you could catch views of the horses in groups in the woods. As we were driving around we came down this road and saw these mannequin heads hanging on a rope. Venturing further we saw an area containing an old bus, dune buggy, what looked to be a home and other buildings. At the front of the drive way were long poles with several mannequin heads at their ends.The property was edged with heads as one would use landscape lights etc. No half tires in the ground or plastic flamingos for this guy. It was the weirdest yard art I have ever seen and creepy, to say the least. I couldn’t resist the photo op! Lying in the drive way, like dogs, were several horses. I guess that no one bothers them there because most people probably get spooked by the weirdness and leave. It certainly was different and we laughed about it for days. After some inquiry I found out it was a local that just would rather not see people on his property. Ya think?

Anyway, it was a great trip and the area of Corolla will probably see us again. The beaches are great and contain much wildlife and are relatively quiet South of the dunes area. Not sure about going back to the head display, but it might be interesting to see what other yard art this guy produces. Or not.

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  1. A terrific summary of our stay in NC. The dialogue and pictures are definitely worthy of such a fun and wonderful time at our cuz’s reunion.
    Love your Blog.

  2. are you saying you took all these pics with an iPod? whatever, they’re great. the seal must have known it was a naked beach, he looks totally into it.

    BTW, did the name on the weird dude’s mailbox say Levin by chance? LOL (inside joke)

  3. HaHa! No these pics were taken with a D300 and 70-200 2.8 lens. Two days before we were walking on the beach and saw the seal and I snapped a pic with my Iphone. Luckily I got to see him again when I had my kit with me. He was pretty cool with his expressions wouldn’t you say. The head guys place was most weird.

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