Mar 302010

This is usually a busy week for most of us. Its the week of Easter and many are planning a weekend with family and friends. Plans are being made, work reaches a peak as we try to fit it all in before the long weekend begins. For many there will be Sunday service at the church of choice, for others maybe a sunrise service at the beach, and for some a quiet inner reflection will do. Whatever your spiritual path may or may not be its a nice time to be grateful, for this week is usually the real kick off of Spring and its wondrous weather and activities. The temperatures are slowly creeping up into that smile range, as I like to call it. The range of warmth where the climate starts to suit my clothes, to steal part of a phrase from Jerry and the boys.

It will be a fun time at Access 21 as old friends make their first trip of the year back to Wrightsville Beach and the tourists start to fill up the rentals on weekly and weekend vacations. The long dark, quiet winter is leaving and the solitude of the street and beach is slowly , but surely, being replaced by people and laughter. Scenes like the one below, of a quiet, desolate beach, will be no more. And thats cool. We long for the quiet of winter after a busy Summer season, but can’t wait for the activity of vacation season to begin again each year. The local businesses that have survived the economy can breathe once again as traffic increases and cash registers start to ring. T-shirts and shorts once again become the standard apparel and everyone seems to have a smile on their face. Porches once again become a place to sit and enjoy this wonderful place. I look forward to this week every year. Before I began living here I would look forward to coming down for several days. Now that I am a resident, I relish the activity as the beach really starts to wake up and welcome the many visitors who will make the trip over the ICWW to visit the island. No more photos like the one below, as it will be hard to view the beach with no one walking its strand. And thats ok. It really is.

  6 Responses to “The Week”

  1. Great attitude Rick. I find that so many of us fall into the typical (and all to easy) mindset of hating the tourist. I also thing we far too often forget what we have right outside our backdoor. We are truly luck to be able to live somewhere people dream to visit all year, if only for a week.

    Oh yeah…the image is pretty good too 😉

  2. I cannot wait to be one of the people to come back to the beach. Always love hanging with you guys!

  3. commenting on this image as one of your peers, great shot. one of these days i will make it back to your neck o’ the woods, and i just hope it is in the summer time so i can enjoy a bit of this land and seascape with you. again, great logo dude.

  4. Thanks D, I hope you do make it here at some point in time.

  5. Thanks Kevin.

  6. You as well my dear!