I am in the midsts of the start of a new project which I am calling: “Wilmington Artists in their Studios”. It is simply portraits of local artists at work in their creative environments. I have thought about doing something like this for some time and finally decided that I needed to get motivated and get it underway. I enjoy meeting and hanging around other creatives and what better way to do that than by meeting and photographing them in their creative surroundings. My plan is to take each artist(s) as an individual and feature each shoot on my blog. I will also post on the social networks that I use. Hopefully this will help get the artist more exposure than they already have and new people can learn about them and their work. I haven’t made any decisions about the where the project will lead beyond that, but we’ll see. Right now I plan to have fun with it and meet and photograph some neat people.

If anyone reading this knows of an artist in the Wilmington, NC vicinity who may want to participate they can contact me through my web site, blog, Facebook or Twitter. I haven’t a time line for completion, nor a limit to the number of artists I’ll shoot. I’m making the decisions about the project as they evolve, as I want it to be fun as well as rewarding for myself and those involved.

My first shoot was yesterday, but I have to tell you that this week end in Wrightsville Beach is going to be just beautiful. That said I have made an executive decision for Rick Ricozzi Photography to not spend it in front of the monitor editing photos. Its nice when you are setting the deadlines. You can make these decisions! I promise that I will kick off the series soon, but today its a day for the outside.

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  1. Jen Griffin is super talented in my opinion. I’m pretty sure she works out of her house, which I’ve been too, it oozes cool.