Mar 112010

Its raining with impunity in the Port City today. It has a softening effect and lends itself to a feeling of solitude. Unless of course you have to be running around in it. Then you just have to adjust and keep that “what a great day” attitude!

Usually photographers look at rain as a negative thing, especially if you have an event to shoot that is scheduled with good weather in mind. We have all had to deal with that kind of dilemma at some point in time. Shooting after it has rained can be fun as you get different saturation of colors and reflections. But when it is an intense rain it kind of makes taking that electronic piece of equipment out into the elements not high on the list of to do’s. There is one thing that can be done if you have nothing to do and just want to experiment. I do it occasionally and get some interesting images. That is taking your camera out in your car and snapping through your windows and seeing the different textures, muted colors, and light patterns produced in an image when shot through wet glass. Just don’t do this while moving! It becomes a whole new way at looking at rain and photography and you get to stay relatively dry. Then when the rain stops, you have your camera with you so you can venture out and attempt to find images with reflections and that deep saturation. Here are a few I have done as an example. I need to remember do this more. It really is fun.

  2 Responses to “Rainy Day Fun”

  1. Your sense of adventure with a camera is inspiring. Your images…going back through the zoo shots and close ups on blossoms are awesome. If your “play” stuff is any indication, your “work” stuff ought to be very expensive for clients…and worth every penny. Good work, Rick!

  2. i always knew you were all wet.