Feb 132010

Ok, props are given to the weather guys. We got slammed with snow at Wrightsville Beach. It started around 7pm on the 12th and  continued into the wee hours of Saturday the 13th. I know that at 1:30 am it was still coming hard. Its unusual, but pretty cool to see. Weird, its almost exactly a year ago we got our last storm, but this one is probably the stoutest in at least a decade. I’ve enclosed some pics. These are done using HDR. Enjoy.


Well, we are waiting in anticipation of something we hardly ever get to experience in the Wilmington, NC area and that is snow. Sure, we get snow in North Carolina, but it is usually an occurrence that takes place in areas well West of the coastal regions. As for the Wilmington area and its beaches, hardly ever.  When it is remotely possible that it will actually happen, the news media does their job and creates a frenzy of excitement. It is, however,good for the people who sell bread and milk. You’ll be lucky to find any on the shelves of your local grocery store by days end. The conversations between folks will all include something about the coming weather. Will it or will it not impact our area? Kids will be disappointed that its going to take place on a week end. We all remember the excitement of missing that day of school due to weather. Of course, they still may send everyone home early today because of the threat of inclement weather. Thats what they do.

I think it will be cool if we get to see some snow. In fact, if we see it here on the beach, it will be the second year in a row that this has happened. Quite uncommon. It happened last year on January 20th. It was surreal. Todays snow, if it comes, will probably appear tonight and be gone by morning. So enjoy the happening while you can. Its a fleeting moment here in Southeast NC.

For those that may not get to see or get out in the may or may not happen snow here is a little something from last years snow storm. We actually saw a little accumulation here on Wrightsville Beach. Click on the link and enjoy.

Wrightsville Beach Snow, January 2009.

Feb 102010

We have had some rough weather this winter and , unfortunately, it has produced severe beach erosion. Now this is a common occurrence on the coast, but sometimes severe weather initiates the necessity for dredging of the inlet and redistribution of the sand.

This is one of those years where it is happening. They are dredging the inlet on the South end of the island and will eventually run pipes from there to the North end and these pipes will carry sand, which will be distributed throughout the beach strand. It is quite a process to watch and even though Mother Nature eventually negates the process over time, it is a necessity, both for access to the beach and for erosion control. The sad part is that it is really expensive and all it takes is one big storm to undo the efforts. Its been proven that you can’t halt the whim of Nature, just slow it down a bit. Eventually, it will exert its will on the environment. Right now we have an escarpment on the beach of about 4-5 feet and it makes the strand unapproachable in many areas. This will eventually be rectified by the dredging and spewing of sand. It will be done by the time the season starts this Spring, and tourists will not even be aware that it took place. The locals will only hope that the remedy lasts longer than the previous fix. I have attached a photo of the dredging boat on the South end.


Check this out: Click on this link:  Scott Kelby vs Joe McNally Spoof on the old Jordan vs Bird commercials.

Feb 052010

One of my personal ongoing projects is recording images of classic automobiles, planes, trains etc. The thing I try to avoid is the ordinary shot. So much of the time I am taking a small portion of the subject and creating a small vignette, which usually results in a sort of abstract image. Not all the time, but often enough. Most of the time the subject is a car.I like to think of these images as “automotive art”. Here are a few to give you an idea: