Earth movers that is. The beach nourishment is on at Wrightsville Beach and the rumbling of diesel engines, and sounds of a major project underway disrupt the peacefulness of the beach on a Saturday morning. It is somewhat of  a welcome sight, because the end result will leave, once again, a nice wide strand of sand that the locals and tourists alike will enjoy. With any luck we will not have a Northeaster storm any time soon, so that the beach nourishment can settle without loss to erosion. It doesn’t, however, come without someway upsetting the balance of the beach. After the last nourishment it seemed that the birds were less plentiful, probably because their food source changed because of the infill of sand. The fishing may change, because the structure of the inshore ocean floor will be different. Theres always a price. If you talk to those who fish off the beach, they often comment that the sand flea population here has dwindled. This seemed to happen right around the time of  the last project. Those who surf will take note of how the nourishment may or may not affect the break. While we know it is something the beach sorely needs, messing with natures scheme often has other results as well. I think we can’t lose sight of the impact anytime we try and change natures path. I hope the nourishment solves the initial problem without leaving to heavy a footprint. Just saying.