Well, the dredging of Masonboro Inlet continues and  they are starting to get ready to install pipe from there to the Northern ends of the island. The pipe will carry the sand from the South end to be spewed on the beach strand. I was out this afternoon with the dog and spotted this piece of equipment on our end of the beach. I first saw it on the South end and thought it was a make shift observation tower for the dredging company to view its boats in the inlet and on the Banks Channel side of the island. There was one man on the equipment and another on shore. The guy on shore was getting a lot of attention and questions. Not wanting to be left in the dark I had to ask what purpose it served. At first I  thought they were taking soil samples. As it turns out it is used for surveying. Plus it is also used to determine how much the dredging company charges for the work. It was cool to watch and evidently there are few companies who use this particular equipment. Soon the pipes will reach this end of the island and they hope to finish the project by the start of the season. The other good news is that they are supposedly constructing another berm in front of the existing berm to create more protection between us and the ocean. Hopefully we’ll not have to test how well that works. More later.