I just took delivery of some new lightstands and if you are a photographer who tries to keep in the Strobist mode, which is minimalist lighting equipment, than these are worth a look. I have been guilty of lugging around this light bag with my gear that resembles a small golf bag!

I have some stands which are more suitable for large light heads and they work great. However, transporting them when they are needed became quite the production. And the bag is just large!

Having grown weary fast of the weight, awkwardness and effort of my existing stands, I decided to do something about it. Since I use sb800’s, I really don’t need a heavy duty stand.
Manfrotto had a compact stand, the 3373, but it has been discontinued and they are hard to find, even on EBay. The replacement is the Bogen Manfrotto 001B Nano stand which is what I recently purchased. It weighs  2lbs,  folds to 19 inches, extends to over 6 feet and is very stable. You may have to weight the base if you are shooting outside in windy conditions, but it holds a stand-to-flash adaptor, sb800 and 43″ umbrella with no problem. And it is easy  to move around.
Once you see how suitable these stands are for location work, you’ll probably agree they are a must have for the photographer on the go. Of course, now I have to look for a smaller bag! Anyway, check them out.
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